Internet Hulpbronne: Ouer Gids vir YouTube

youtube - groot

Dis skrikwekkend om te sien hoe verslaaf ons kinders aan tegnologie is; sosiale media, YouTube jy noem dit en hulle gebruik. Meeste ouers weet nie veel van tegnologie en dit waarmee hulle kinders hulself besig hou nie, en dit veroorsaak soms baie probleme.

Die groep “Parent Ministry” het ‘n baie insiggewende Ouer-Gids vir die gebruik van YouTube saamgestel wat ons graag met julle wil deel.

Jy mag dalk hierdie artikel lees, en dink so ‘n gids is onnodig, maar gaan lees gerus hierdie baie ontstellende stukkie hieronder wat ‘n ouer op Facebook gespost het, wat spesifiek hierdie probleem aanspreek:


“This is an exceptionally hard thing for me to post. I’ve thought long and hard about this. I’ve decided it’s way too important not to bring awareness to other parents. This is not up for criticism. I only want to let all parents know what to watch for….Kids youtube, roblox, fortnight… no matter how much you think you are monitoring your child.. notifications to what your child is watching. It doesn’t matter. My 7 year old child was taught how to attempt suicide by kids youtube and these games. She has expressed that she doesn’t feel neglected or unloved. Instead, she was constantly told to ‘go kill yourself’ by other gamers, by kids youtube. Shown HOW to.
Sunday night, she had a full blown anxiety attack. Which I held her and sang to her while she got through it. Monday, she drew this in school.
This is a VERY real danger! I NEVER thought I would find myself helping my SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD through an anxiety attack. PLEASE, keep your children away from these things. I’m just so glad my child was able to express her feelings before she actually tried to harm herself. I never thought something as ‘innocent’ as kids youtube would have these subliminal messages. Again, I’m only sharing our experience in the hopes to prevent another child going through this.”

Gaan laai gerus “The Ultimate Parent Guide to YouTube” af, en bemagtig jouself om jou kind te kan help.

Laai die Gids by die skakel hieronder in PDF formaat af:

Volg die skakel hieronder na ons ander Internet Hulpbronne:


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